Online-Conference on Commonism: 11/12.11.2023

Hey, we started organising a workshop on Utopia & Commonism, inviting some fellow authors and thinkers. If your are interested in joining or want to help us organise, contact us!

2 thoughts on “Online-Conference on Commonism: 11/12.11.2023

  1. Pedro Juliano Nardelli Reply

    Hello, my name is Pedro Nardelli, Assoc. Prof. at LUT in Finland. Although I hold a pretty standard position in an elec eng school, I have been studying and some times publishing work ablut commons and Marxism, specially value form theory and communization. As I see, there is a great convergence between my thinking and the approach taken by this group (which I just learned about because of the future podcast). I would be very glad to be in touch and maybe help.

  2. Federico Arcuri Reply

    hey! i planned to attend the 11.11 conference but unfortunately i cannot do that because of unforseen circumstances. are the sessions going to be recorded, and if yes, where can i find them?


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